School Uniforms

To order please use the contact page, enter the number corresponding with your school logo along with the uniform number(s), size and colour.

Please note, all school uniforms are delivered locally for free!

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Step 1. Pick your school logo

1. Wibsey Primary School Shield
2. Wibsey Primary School – Gold
3. St Michael
4. Shelf J&I
5. St Pauls – White
6. Hollingwood Primary School
7. St Mary’s Community Nursery
8. Wibsey Methodist Pre-School
9. Reevy Hill Primary
10. BBEC Academy
11. Wyke Community & Children’s Centre
12. All Saints CE Primary School
13. Sharp Lane Primary School

Step 2. Pick your school uniform & Colour

1. v-neck Jumper
2. v-neck Cardigen
3. Hoodie
4. Classic Polo
5. School Bag
* Please note, due to different monitor resolutions colours may vary slightly to actual clothing.